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Posted On: 2017-09-07

It's that time again for the Cap-A-Thon!  The Lake County Solid Waste Management District is teaming up with Green Tree Plastics in Evansville, IN to sponsor the 2017 CAP-A-THON. For each 400 lbs of plastic caps and lids we collect, the District willl sponsor the cost of a bench made from those caps. Please donate your plastic caps and lids at the Lowell Town Hall, 501 E. Street. Thank you for your help collecting these!

***UPDATE on the Cap-A-Thon*** - Unfortunately we did not meet the 400 lbs this year which was the required amount needed to help get the bench. We have decided to continue collecting these until the program becomes available in 2018! Thank you for your continued support in collecting these!


Click here for a list of the caps that ARE and are NOT acceptable!

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