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Registration is underway!

Lowell Parks Dept./Freedom Park

17105 Cline Ave., 696-1570


Freedom Bark Park is located in the southeast corner of Freedom Park on 5 acres of beautifully designed landscape.  Membership is required and annual passes are available with proof of current vaccinations.  Freedom Bark Park is a beautiful and functional dog park that both dogs and their owners will enjoy for many generations to come.  Have fun, play safe, and enjoy the park! 


 Freedom Bark Park Rules  ~  Waiver Form ~ Registration Form


A copy of current Rabies, Distemper/Parvo and Leptospirosis (DHPPL)

Vaccines must accompany your registration form and will be kept on file.

It is your responsibility to provide a new copy when vaccines are updated.



Lowell residents: $60.00

Cedar Creek, West Creek and Eagle Creek Townships 

*Lowell residents who are 65+ or on disability  $30.00 

Non-residents  $70.00

 *Non-residents who are 65+ or on disability  $35.00 

For each additional dog please add $5.00