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Town Council Members

Michael Gruszka (Ward 1)

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Matt Felder (Ward 2)

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Vice President: Will Farrellbegg (Ward 3)

Will has lived in Lowell since 2004, coming here from his country of birth, Scotland.  Will became a citizen of the United States in February 2010.  He married Martha Burger, a resident of Lowell since 1970, in 2005.  Will served in the British Military for 12 years.  He also held positions in the water treatment industry in Scotland for 16 years serving first as an operator, then became a manager where he oversaw 6 treatment facilities, the largest one was producing 86 million gallons per day.  He also was a member of the Union and served as Union Representative.  Will is a member of Lowell Lions, and is an active member of the Lowell Church of Christ.  Among his many goals are: to revitalize the historic section of downtown Lowell, bring businesses to Lowell, increase opprotunities for Lowell residents to find more local jobs and to attract a variety of options for shopping and entertainment.  A firm goal of Will's is to continue to upgrade water quality as well as the infrastrucutre within the Town of Lowell.  Finally, he feels it is very important for the citizens of Lowell to know that they can speak with him about any concerns and that his door will always be open.


President: Chris Salatas (Ward 4)

Christopher has been a long time citizen of the town of Lowell.  Obtaining his Eagle Scout from our local troop, he knows the importance of community involvement and participation.  He will bring his studies in Political Science, Pre-Law, and Business Administration to the Town Council to help guide and entice businesses into our community.  He believes that structured and well managed growth is necessary for the town of Lowell.  He believes that growing our local businesses is the first step in helping to reduce the tax burden on the citizens.  Improving our utility infrastrucutre and emergency services are also paramount to maintaining the standard of living that is expected in Lowell.  He is looking forward to serving the community of Lowell.


Edgar Corns (Ward 5)

 Edgar has been a lifetime Lowell resident and graduated from Lowell High School in 1954.  After serving honorably for two years in the U.S. Army as an Armor Intelligence Specialist, he was discharged in 1959.  He is a member of the American Legion and Amvets.  For 38 years he was an owner/operator of a large grain-farming corporation.  He has been a supervisor of the Lake County Soil & Water Conservation budgets at a county level.  He has held leadership positions in 31 organizations and has been a member of 53.  For 20 years he lobbied in the U.S. Congress in Washington DC and the Indiana legislators for 26 years.  He was a member of Emmanuel Lutheran Church in Merrillville for 42 years and currently attends St. Michael's Lutheran Church.  For four years he was a member of the Lowell Police Commission and served as President from 2005-2008.  In 2007 he was Fraternalist of the Year for the Gleaner Life Insurance Society, an organization dedicated to serving local communities.  He received the Distinguished Hoosier Award from governor O'Bannon in 2003 and the Distinguished Hoosier Award from Governor Daniels in 2011.