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Waste Water Treatment Facility

The Lowell Wastewater Treatment Plant is a Class III, 4.0 MGD, activated sludge plant with effluent chlorination and de-chlorination facilities. It utilizes aerobic sludge digestion with a de watering press and land application for sludge disposal. A 14 million gallon flow equalization basin at the plant and two flow equalization basins, one with 4 million gallon capacity and the other 11 million gallon capacity located to regulate flows from Cedar Lake, are utilized for wet weather flows.

The Lowell Facility has a designed capacity of 4.0 million gallons per day with 50% (2.0 million gallons per day) of it's capacity for use by Cedar Lake.

Waste Water Treatment Service Area

The Town of Lowell is the lead governmental agency for the regionalization of sewer service in south-central Lake County. Lowell constructed the existing Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant. This plant serves the Town of Lowell, the Town of Cedar Lake, and the unincorporated community of Lake Dalecarlia. Cedar Lake is the wholesale customer of Lowell. Lake Dalecarlia is a wholesale sewer service customer of Cedar Lake; therefore, an indirect customer of Lowell.

The potential for future growth in Lowell is being enhanced by the $6.9 million phase II project currently under way at the Lowell Wastewater Treatment Plant.